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SYP at Studland!

Space Youth Project were given the wonderful opportunity to take our young people to Studland and engage in a variety of fun activities with the National Trust.

During our day out at Studland beach we helped out with the forest wildlife by getting rid of invasive species of plants. We used metal 'slashers' to cut down the weeds which everyone found very fun.

We then were invited to join a 'find your tree' activity where we were blindfolded and introduced to a tree. The blindfold was then removed and we had to find that tree using our other senses which was a great way to observe nature from a different perspective.

We then had a fascinating discussion about Studland's history under the shade while enjoying some garlic bread. This was a great opportunity for young people to get involved and learn about Studland and the amazing work that they are doing for the environment. 

This amazing day out would not have been possible without the support of the National Trust, our wonderful youth workers and the friendly volunteers.

We then went down to the beach and enjoyed digging, making sandcastles, burying each other and paddling in the sea. The weather was great and it was a lovely experience to interact with young people from other SYP groups in such a relaxed environment.

Written by Charlie, Poole Supernova


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