Space Youth Project

Welcoming all young gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBT+) people up to age 25 across Dorset since 2001!

We aim to support young people who are or may be LGBT+ and empower them have positive self-esteem,
to know they are supported, to have a sense of community and to overcome issues caused or intensified by prejudice in order to facilitate freedom of expression.

Space Youth Project uses 'trans' "as an umbrella term for those who are transgender, non-binary, genderqueer, genderfluid, agender, are of non-Western gender identities and those who have a trans history." as used by Mermaids


  • A safe place and LGBT+ haven.

  • A place where we can grow to our full potential. 

  • Before I joined Space I felt like a lost soul. Now I've been here for 6 years and I feel like part of a big family

  • I like having a calm, chill space to hang out and talk away from the world.

  • I go to Space to grow confidence, make more friends, socialise, and learn vital skills when it comes to adult life especially as a LGBT+ person

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