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This was my first time performing in my drag persona, Lotsa Love, on stage. Lotsa gives me an extra confidence I wouldn't normally find, a chance to express my femininity and a chance to be an inspiration to other trans or nonbinary people. I had been practicing since about March for my performance, I wanted to ensure it was perfect. I knew this was a big moment for me, a break into my future career and stepping on that stage and performing is a feeling I will never forget for the rest of my life. Bourne Free was one of the best days and the support I got from other queens backstage , my friends around me and strangers on the day was possibly the best I have ever felt. One thing that particularly stuck with me is someone calling me over after my performance and saying to me how powerful and inspiring it was that i was 17 and living out my dreams, being a voice for trans youth. I hope that my performance inspired people to take on challenges they have dreamed of, and make them a reality just like I did :)

- Frey / Lotsa Love

SYP team members and some young people attended a candle making event at J P Morgan on Monday 24/06. 

The event was organised by the lovely Lottie and Stewart and was a great success. Other kind J P Morgan staff members volunteered some of their day to make candles with us, while they chatted to us about SYP and what we do. All the candles made were then donated to SYP so we could sell at Pride events to raise much needed funds for SYP.

In the last year J P Morgan have funded training for SYP team members and young people, they funded the SYP Xmas party last year and have funded recruitment of 5 volunteers. 

Thanks J P Morgan staff especially Lottie & Stewart from all the SYP young people and team! 

Space Youth Project are incredibly excited for another Bourne Free this year and we're working hard to get ready for it!

The event consists of a parade at 11-12pm, where Space Youth Project's team and young people proudly march through Bournemouth. This march typically lasts around an hour, with lots of stopping and starting, ending at Meyrick Park for us to set up for the rest of the festivities.The route is fairly flat but please be aware that there is a hill leading up to Meyrick Park.

Make sure you wear comfy shoes for the walking, have sun cream applied, and ensure you have water on hand to avoid being dehydrated. Be aware that the parade can be loud, Space Youth Project will have ear plugs on hand but consider bringing your own prior!

When the parade itself concludes at Meyrick park, you can join Space Youth Project as they hold a stall raising money for the charity, alongside other charities and independent businesses alike. The event is an amazing annual opportunity to socialise, meet new people and connect with other Space Youth groups around Dorset. There are fabulous performances on offer as well!

If you are joining us for the parade or just Meyrick Park, look out in your emails and at groups for further details regarding meet up points. We can't wait to see you!

Written by the Supernovas

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