Our Other Projects


On top of all the services Space offers, sometimes we find time for other projects!
Below are current or previous projects Space Youth Project has been involved in...

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Active Dorset Funding


Active Dorset is funding Space to get LGBT+ young people
more involved in physical activity.

We consulted our members on what they were most interested in and they picked self-defence, swimming, and yoga. 


We initially hosted six self defence sessions for our Bournemouth and Poole young people. Those sessions finished in May 2019 but hopefully our young people have learnt a lifetime worth of skills! These session became incredibly valuable in helping our young people feel more confident knowing they can protect themselves.


You can watch our young people talk about the
impact of the sessions here! 

A big thank you to Tara for running our sessions, it's been absolutely lovely working with her, and another thank you to Active Dorset for allowing us this opportunity! We will be organising yoga sessions next for 2020.

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