Mental Health Top Tips!

When we think about supporting physical health, it often feels clearer what we need to do to get better and that being unwell is not our fault. With mental health though, it can be easy to blame ourselves, feel there is no way forward and forget that our brain is an organ that needs looking after like any other.

Admitting when something is wrong

It can be important to take that first step and identify to someone else that you might be struggling or that you do need extra help or support. This could be through textline/support line who can help get through dark moments and identify some next steps. There also LGBTQI+ specific support lines.

You can text shout on 85258

You can phone Samaritans 116 123

For LGBTQI+ specific support

Mermaids on 0808 801 0400

Stonewall 08000 50 20 20

LGBT foundation 0345 3 30 30 30

If you have a trusted adult, whether that’s someone at home, school or out in the community they might be a good first point of call. If you feel comfortable with them then it’ll be easier to have that first conversation.

Using role models and social media

Follow people that build you up, and actively choose the accounts you follow and look at regularly. Role models can keep us going when we have had enough, they can help us dream and focus on what we want even if we don’t have it all right now. There are lots of positive LGBTQI+ role models out there, find ones that inspire you!

In this way you can use social media accounts to lift you up rather than mindlessly scrolling or feeling like everyone else has it better then you.

Finding your safe space