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Join Space Youth Project for its annual Christmas celebration!

On Thursday 21st December at 6pm, Space Youth Project young people will come together at the Purbeck Youth and Community Centre in Wareham for an evening of festivities, marking the end of an incredible year for the Dorset-based charity. Each year youth workers, trustees and young people enjoy celebrating the community bound by pride in our identity, a value that holds a significant place in our hearts.

This year's Christmas celebration promises to be a memorable occasion filled with a sense of the joy that has defined Space Youth Project throughout the year. Our dedicated team of youth workers and supernovas (SYP's peer leadership representatives) has been hard at work planning a variety of entertainment for the evening to ensure that everyone feels welcomed. The venue is accessible for wheelchair users, and will have a space dedicated for those who may have sensory needs - or just want a quiet space. Space Youth Project will also be providing transport for young people who may have difficulty reaching the venue.

Join us for an enchanting evening of karaoke and engaging games! Our diverse community, united by the common thread of pride in freedom of expression and identity, will have the opportunity to share stories, forge new connections and reflect on the incredible journey we've experienced together over the past year.

During the evening, we'll be honouring the legacy of former SYP youth worker Sarah Grayer, who sadly passed away during 2023. When Sarah left Space Youth Project, she created the Ray of Sunshine Award for one young person each year who has made an outstanding contribution to the group's positivity. Space Youth Project will be awarding this to one young person during the party, and celebrating the memory of Sarah Grayer.

Refreshments will be plentiful, ensuring no one leaves with an empty stomach! The evening will culminate in a heart-warming reflection on the year gone by, celebrating the achievements, growth and resilience of our community.

Wishing you all a joyful and festive holiday season!

Written by Zoe: Chairperson, SYP Supernovas


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