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Education & Training


Space Youth Project offers school-based workshops, assemblies and
training for professionals delivered by our experienced and qualified team.

We offer professional advice for schools, colleges, youth workers, social/health workers
or anyone wanting to support LGBT+ young people.

If you are interested in training for professionals, please contact us with details of training requirements.

Please be aware there may be cost implications to requested training.

SYP's Training & Education


Space Youth Project offers training on how to support gender diverse people.


We offer various packages that can include all or some of these options


  • Info on Transgender, Non-binary and Intersex

  • Gender as a Spectrum

  • Pronouns

  • Sexual Orientation

  • Supporting someone coming out as L,G,B, or T+ (at home/school/college/community)

  • Allyship

  • Space Youth Project and support for young people, families, carers and professionals

  • Other resources young people, families, carers and professionals

  • And have time for open and honest questions

The training includes interactive activities, Dorset case studies and useful resources.



For details of costs and booking a training package please email

Additional Information


For more information you can access our resources which include helpful links and documents for both
schools and professionals such as curriculum posters, lesson plans, and inclusivity tips!

There are also some opportunities available for professionals and schools to get involved in
promoting inclusivity, for example  the Stonewall Diversity Champion and The Rainbow Flag Award.
They also provide access to free e-learning, which you can find out more about below!

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Stonewall Diversity Champion

The Diversity Champions programme is the leading employers' programme for ensuring all LGBT staff are accepted without exception in the workplace.

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The Rainbow Flag Award

The Rainbow Flag Award is a national quality assurance framework for all schools and colleges, focusing on LGBT+ inclusion and visibility. 

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GIRES has developed free

e-learning courses to help improve the care and support for trans individuals. These courses are relevant to schools, colleges, professionals and employers.

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Open Learn

This free course gives you an understanding of LGBT+ history in the UK and explores how legal and social/cultural attitudes have changed significantly over time.

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