Meet the Team


Our team are an unbelievable source of information, dedicated to providing a safe space for and helping LGBT+ youth in Dorset. Get to know the people who make Space Youth Project what it is.

If you are interested in joining the team, you can check out our vacancies or contact us.

Begin image. A mature white woman stands to the right of a blue net with many coloured hearts hanging off it. She is facing left, with her head turned to the camera. Her arm is bent at a right angle and she is holding something in her hand. She has shoulder-length brown hair, and the top of her hair has been dyed purple and pink. She is wearing a black tank top with a pattern of tropical leaves, and a beige bag strap can be seen running across her body. She is smiling brightly and proudly, enough to crinkle her eyes. End image.

Helen W - she/her


07973 405280

Helen is our CEO, tireless in her pursuit of equality and is the driving force behind Space Youth Project. She sources our funding, manages our resources and most importantly she inspires us.

Helen Green .JPG

Helen G - she/her

Project Coordinator


Helen is our new Project Coordinator/ Admin. She believes young people should have a safe place where they can access guidance and advice from youth workers and peers.

Begin image. A mature white women in an orange t-shirt with the SYP logo on the front. She is wearing a rainbow lanyard. She had short brown hair and is wearing sunglasses. She is surrounded by purple and blue ballons and she is smiling and waving at the camers. End image.

Charity - she/her

Youth Worker in Charge/

One to One Worker

Charity is the Youth Worker in Charge of our Beaminster group as well as our one to one worker who helps our young people reach their goals. She joined us in 2014 in order to use her knowledge and experience to help others.

WIN_20210707_15_44_53_Pro (2).jpg

Dean - he/him

Youth Worker in Charge

Dean is our new Leader in Charge Youth Worker in Sherborne 
He has been working with young people for over 15 years and is very passionate about young people having the opportunities and choices they deserve. He believes that every young person can overcome barriers and achieve their goals.  


Megan - she/her

Social Media Admin

Megan runs our social media platforms. She wants to help spread Space's message as far as possible so that people can find us easily and so they know that we exist and that we are here to support them.

Begin image. A mature white women with long blonde hair is smiling at the camera. She is wearing a rainbow lanyard around her neck and sunglasses on top of her head. She is surrounded by grass and trees. End image.

Jane - she/her

Youth Worker in Charge

07932 439000

Jane is our Youth Worker in Charge for Dorchester and Weymouth. She believes young people should have a safe place where they can explore their sexuality and identity. 

Begin image. A white women is smiling at the camera in front of a white backdrop. Her brown hair is tied back and she is wearing a grey hoodie. End image.

Kirsty - she/her

Youth Worker in Charge

07584 096444

Kirsty is the Youth Worker in Charge for our Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole groups, using her years of experience in working with young people. She also works with our young people to help engage them in shaping every aspect of the services we deliver.

Begin image. A white woman in her 50s with glasses and short strawberry blonde hair beams at the camera.  She is holding up some of the books she uses when she talks to young children about how all families are different, but share the same love - The Family Book by Todd Parr, And Tango Makes Three by Peter Parnell and Justin Richardson, and Introducing Teddy by Jessica Walton. End image.

Mel - she/her

Training & Education Volunteer


Mel is our training and education volunteer. She delivers training for teachers on inclusive schools and age-appropriate workshops for young people on diverse families, gender and sexuality. You can find out more about the workshops Mel delivers here and how to contact her!

Begin image. Mature white lady smiling, with long brown hair wearing a dark green jumper, and a heart necklace. Sitting in the corner of a room with a grey painted wall on her left, and black and silver door curtain behind. End image.

Deborah - she/her

Volunteer Counsellor

Deborah started with Space as part of a placement. She is now a trained counsellor and offering Space members free counselling. She wanted to offer counselling to LGBT+ young people after researching into the multiple issues they face.

A 20 something white woman smiles gently to the camera in a well-lit kitchen. She is wearing a sparkly bronze headband with her shoulder length dark brown hair pulled up in a bun. She has a tiny white gem nose stud and an opal pendant necklace on and a purple velvet jacket which is zipped most of the way up.

Lucy - she/her

Training Volunteer Counsellor

Lucy is a trainee volunteer counsellor who is doing a placement with Space. She has worked with young people for the last five years and believes she can help Space users to speak about issues they are facing and give them a safe, confidential space.

Begin image. A young white woman is smiling at the camera. She is wearing make up and has long brown hair. She is in front of a white backdrop and the left side of he rface is out of frame. End image.

Abbie - she/her

Volunteer Youth Work Assistant


Abbie volunteers at our Bournemouth group. She wants to give LGBT+ young people the support she wished she'd had and provide them a space to talk about any issues they may be facing.

Begin image. A young white man dressed in a white shirt and black knitted jumper is smiling at the camera. He is standing in front of a window. He has blonde hair and brown stubble. End image.

Chris - he/him

Volunteer Youth Work Assistant

Chris helps out at Bournemouth group. He likes to volunteer with Space because it's something he didn't have growing up. He wants to give something to the next generation.

Begin image. David is standing in front of a taller person in the sunshine. He is a white man in his 30's with designer messy brown hair and has a wicked white toothed smile. He is wearing a white t shirt and a rainbow lanyard. End image.

David - he/him

Volunteer Youth Work Assistant

David volunteers at Poole Group  and Trans Family Days. He is committed to ensuring young LGBT+ people have a better future.

Begin image. A young, white man with short, blonde hair and blue eyes is facing the camera and smiling. Behind his head is the black headrest of his wheelchair. The background is the inside of a train carriage, with one orange metal pole behind him to the left, one behind his head, and one to the right. Double doors to the train carriage are also behind him to the right. He is wearing a red and black large checked, zip up shirt, zipped half way up with a beige t-shirt showing under the unzipped top of the shirt. End image.

Dylan - he/him

Volunteer Youth Work Assistant


Dylan is a volunteer at our Trans Family Days and used to be a young person at Space. He wanted to use his personal experiences and knowledge to help give back to the community.


Josh - he/him

Volunteer Youth Work Assistant

Josh is one of our volunteers at Bournemouth group. He feels best when he is able to help others feel safe and happy and joined Space with that goal in mind. There's a lot of pain in the word, and he wants to do something about it - no matter how small that something may be.


Jo C - They/Them

Volunteer Youth Work Assistant

Jo is a volunteer at our Poole & Bournemouth groups. Jo wants to show their support for the LGBT+ community and help young people blossom into their adult lives.

They are also a tattoo artist and a youtuber! Their videos are available here.

Jodie (1).jpg

Jodie - she/her

Volunteer Youth Work Assistant

Jodie helps out at our Poole group as well as being a current member of Space. She wanted to gain a greater understanding of working and supporting young people around gender identity.

Begin image. A young white woman is standing in front of a wall of leaves. Her head is tilted slightly to the left. She has shoulder length brown hair and she is wearing rectangular glasses with thick black frames. She is smiling warmly at the camera. End image.

Liz - she/her

Volunteer Youth Work Assistant


Liz is a volunteer at Poole group. She wanted to work with young people as she finds it extremely rewarding and has a lot of personal experience she brings to the group.


Naomi - she/her

Volunteer Youth Work Assistant

Naomi volunteers with our education specialist Mel in schools around Dorset

Begin image. A young white man smiling at the camera. He has tattoos up to his neck and a lip piercing. He has short black hair and stubble. He is wearing a rainbow lanyard with badges anf a black t-shirt with an illustrated octopus. He is standing in front of plae grey tiles. End image.

Spencer - he/him

Volunteer Youth Work Assistant

Spencer is a volunteer at our Bournemouth group. He joined Space in hopes to give back to the LGBT+ community, gain experience and fight for equality.


Tobias - he/him

Volunteer Youth Work Assistant

Tobias first joined Space as a member in 2015 & has recently returned as a volunteer to better understand how we support young people as a part of his Master's Degree in creative psychotherapy and counselling. He aspires to specialise in supporting LGBT+ youth with their wellbeing, mental health and identity in the future.


Kirsty - she/her

Volunteer Admin Support

Kirsty has been volunteering in the Space office since 2008. She loves that Space is accessible, open-minded and inclusive.


Max - he/him

Volunteer Admin Support

Max volunteers weekly in the Space office, he started off as a member before joining the team.

Begin image. A friendly looking, white middle aged man, clean shaven with short dark hair, is standing just off-centre to the right of the picture. He is looking straight at the camera and he is wearing a bright blue shirt, unbuttoned at the neck, standing in front of a white background. End image.

Gary - he/him

Finance Support Volunteer

Gary volunteers to help with Space's finances. He brings decades of experience to the Space team. 


Alice - she/her

Volunteer Social Media

Alice helps with social media. I want to help spread Space’s message so no young person feels lost or alone.


Jo D

Event & Transport Volunteer 

Jo helps out as an event and transport volunteer.



Event & Transport Volunteer 

Mick helps out as an event and transport volunteer.



Event & Transport Volunteer 

Laura helps out as an event and transport volunteer.

Meet the Board


Our board of Trustees is the backbone of Space Youth Project! Some of them have been here since the beginning and others have joined in the last year, all of them helping shape the service that Space provides to our young people. To get in contact with the board, please email

Begin image. A mature bald, white male with a grey beard, wearing a pullover sweatshirt with a brightly coloured scarf around his neck stands outside in front of a small lake.  There are trees in the distance on the far shore.   He is facing directly to the camera and smiling. End image.

Harry - he/him

Co-Chair of Trustees

Harry helps facilitate our Board of Trustee meetings. Harry works with young people and brings an outside expertise to the table.

Begin image. A young man is smiling at the camera. He has short black hair and is wearing gold framed glasses. He appears infront of a door way wearing a blur lanyard and a white an dgrey striped top. End image.

Eli -he/him


Eli is became a Trustee after leaving his role within Space. He has personally benefited from Space's service and it inspired him to continue working with the LGBT+ community.

A mature white woman is smiling at the camera. She has short brown hair and is wearing a white button down shirt with a greay waistcoat. She has purple flowers pinned to her waistcoat. She appears in front of picture frames. End image.

Charlee - she/her

Co-Chair of Trustee

Charlee is a Trustee as well as doing some administration work with us. Space is a project that Charlee holds close to her heart, previously volunteering when the project began.

Begin image. A mature white man is smiling at the camera. He appears in front of a body of water and has short greying hair. He is wearing a blue button down shirt with a black cardigain. End image.

Michael - he/him


Michael became a Trustee as he wanted to give back. He prides himself on his creativity, rainbow face painting, empathy and understanding.

Begin image. A mature white man is smiling at the camera. He has short spikey greying hair and appears in front of a body of water. He is wearing a button down shirt underneath a grey jumper. End image.

Neil - he/him



Neil helped set up Over the Rainbow and Space has evolved from there. Neil has seen Space grown into a healthy and vital resource to young LGBT+ people.

Begin image.  A headshot of a woman with blond hair which is short at the sides and longer on top & flops to the left. She is in front of a white background and facing directly forward with a slightly wonky smile, she is wearing glasses and you can just see the collar of her white shirt and navy and grey jumper. End image.

Lynne - she/her



Lynne recently became a Trustee and is a nurse working in the charity sector reducing inequalities in access to health care. She is passionate about the strength of community in solving social problems.


Sarah G - she/her



Sarah became a Trustee after leaving her position as Space's Project Manager. She still works on some projects and helps deliver our training workshops.

A young white woman stands in front of some greenery. Her head is turned to the camera and she is smiling. She has brown eyes and has a nose ring, as well as ear piercings. She has shoulder length two-tone blonde hair. She is wearing a navy blue round neck sweatshirt

Natalie - She/Her


Natalie is the most recent Space Trustee and heads up the Finance & HR team for an animation studio. She wants to support the project as she thinks it is imperative for LGBT+ youth to have a safe space to learn about themselves and the wider community.