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Dorset Public Engagement Group

Updated: May 7

Founded in 2021, DPEG aims to collate lived experience of its existing thirty members, from across Dorset to gain valuable insight into technological innovations, and more importantly the increasingly vital role they play in shaping healthcare moving forward, in particular in terms of assisting in the management and monitoring of existing conditions.

The key role played by the DPEG is to provide fact, and experience-based advice to greater support the wide development of digital healthcare technologies that are, and will be available in Dorset – to digitise and transform services safely and securely, as defined by their website. This will bring about the vital improvements needed in terms of vitalising digital healthcare and further improving accessibility and safety for everyone living in Dorset.

This is where Dorset’s Young People come in. Without a doubt, Young People are the future, representing strides that are to be made in the utilisation of available technology for care and support for those living with chronic, or mental health conditions. With rapid advancements to artificial intelligence in recent years, and its prospective application to numerous existing services, it is vital that young people are at the forefront as it begins to become a part of the services we are able to take advantage of currently.

Space Youth Project wants to encourage young people to apply to join, and become a part of the vitalisation of digital care within NHS Dorset. On top of being a brilliant way to gain experience and knowledge in this sector, working with the DPEG can enable and empower young people of Dorset to have their voices heard, and be a part of shaping the future of healthcare by providing important perspectives on matters that directly affect them.

This prospect has already been discussed at groups in recent weeks, fostering discussion surrounding how artificial intelligence and other virtual software and technologies can be positively implemented into public service – and the potential risks, challenges or benefits it could hold.

Shape the future of digital health, get in touch with DPEG today.

Written by Zoey Staal, SYP Supernovas Chair


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