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I attended Bournemouth Pride

I attended Bournemouth Pride on the 8th of July as part of Space Youth Project's Supernova programme to help run the stall with young people and youth workers from all around Dorset. I had a great time talking to people about Space Youth Project, what we do, what it's like, facilitating games, selling to the public, and generally enjoying the atmosphere of the event as a whole. As a Supernova, I meet with the other Supernovas regularly to discuss getting involved with events such as Pride. This year, we were involved in the planning of Pride for Space Youth Project with many more meetings running up to the event. As a group, we decided to make decorations for our stall at one of our regular youth groups so other Space members could be involved and make an impact. Being a Supernova is incredibly rewarding as we have the opportunity to get involved in new opportunities we wouldn't have otherwise had access to and can get involved in planning events for my friends at Space and the wider LGBT+ community. I feel Pride went great and the Supernovas helped the event along whilst gaining life skills and managed to speak to many people to relay information about what we do as an organisation.’

Written by Miles, the Vice Chair of the Supernovas


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