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Eye 2023 - European Youth Event

Last month, Space was given a fantastic opportunity to visit a European Youth

Event in Strasbourg, France. A youth worker and I took this opportunity and

had a wonderful time; we visited European parliament, took part in different

workshops, watched performances, visited the local area, and met many new

people. This event allowed us to learn about democracy, climate issues and

current youth matters without needing to have previous knowledge of politics.

“8500 participants in Strasbourg and more online. 400 speakers, moderators,

and facilitators. 300+ activities, both inside the European Parliament and in the

EYE Village, co-created with young people. 31 MEPs, 3 EP Vice- Presidents and

EP President Roberta Metsola. 22 artistic performances and 8 hybrid activities.

This was #EYE2023.” -

Personally, I learnt about the risks of fake news and how to identify it, I also

met new people in the workshop and learnt about them and their opinions.

My favourite part of the event was the village and the atmosphere created by

the performances. I am so grateful for the opportunity as I learnt a lot and

enjoyed the independence it gave me as a young person.

Written by SYP Supernova, Aster


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