Welcome to Space Youth Project, a safe space

for Dorset's LGBT+ youth!


Space runs regular, free youth groups all across Dorset, in Bournemouth, Poole, Dorchester, Weymouth, Beaminster, and Sherborne, for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and questioning young people. We welcome every LGBT+ person regardless of race, religion, or social background.

As well as offering one-to-one support, family support, workshops for schools, colleges and youth groups, and training for professionals.

We have been around since 2001, starting with one group based in Bournemouth. Over the years, Space has evolved. Space is now built up of six groups, a number of services, our lovely team, and of course, our members.

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Our Aims Are To...


We support young people who are or may be lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or questioning their sexuality and/or gender identity.


To empower all young people to have positive self-esteem and confidence, for them to know they are supported and to give them a sense that they are part of a community and never alone. To facilitate freedom of expression and association.


We overcome and help with integration, address issues caused or intensified by prejudice and provide access to additional support and services.

"I was staying at the YMCA when my
keyworker suggested I go down to Space, I was apprehensive as I thought I didn’t need the support. Space has people from all over the LGBT+ spectrum and as well as peer support, they have great youth workers who understand what you’re going through and know how to help. Since being a Space member I’ve overcome depression, anxiety, self-harm, drug and alcohol issues, and got my own flat. I wish I had gone to Space a lot earlier than I did, I think if I had I wouldn’t have struggled so much at school, college and in my home life. I can definitely say I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support I got from Space."

Registered Charity Number: 1167902

Company Registration Number: CE007671

c/o Bournemouth & Poole College, North Road, Poole, Dorset, BH14 0LS


01202 205279

©2019 by Space Youth Project

Blurred Pride 19

Begin Image. A group of our young people standing and sitting around a sideways-on truck. The truck is adorned with bright balloons, pride flags for various genders and orientations, and banners depicting paintbrushes with rainbow bristles. The young people are wearing bright clothing - many are rainbow-themed or Space Youth Project tshirts in a variety of bright colours. Some are wearing pride flags as capes. They are all holding their hands up, cheering and smiling. End Image.