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The LGBT+ Stone

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Everyone who has seen the Space Youth Project's event information stand at different banks, schools, conferences and colleges remarks on how colourful and vibrant the table is. One thing in particular stands out to visitors and that is the LGBT+ stone that takes centre place in the display. We take great pride in being able to share with visitors a little of the history of the stone.

Today we are able to share the whole story.

The LGBT+ stone was carved by Noah Evans from Dorchester Group, Noah was attending a sculpture workshop when he was 14, the instructor suggested participants carved their own names in stone but Noah had a better idea and decided he would carve LGBT+ into stone.

On finishing the stone Noah brought it to Dorchester group to show it, as he had little room to store the stone, he asked if we could use it in some way, since that time the LGBT+ stone has travelled all across Dorset and been the centre piece of displays and a talking point at many events.

Noah is now 16 and is still working with stone, he has grown immensely in courage and confidence and has recently started at Weymouth college, Noah is pictured here with the stone he carved two years ago. Thank you, Noah, for helping us give even more depth to our displays, and helping to attract even more attention to our information stand.


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