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Thank You Aster!

Space Youth Project would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Aster who raised £210 for us by shaving off their hair! This donation will help us to keep providing high quality support to Dorset’s young LGBT+ community through 1:1 support, family support, education and training, and, of course, our groups.

Aster is 22 years old, uses they/them pronouns and formally came out as non-binary in July 2020!

They are from Ringwood in Hampshire where they went to school with, (and are still one of the best-friends of!) our social media admin Megan. They currently work as a care assistant and have continued to look after vulnerable people in Dorset throughout the pandemic.

In January 2021, Aster shaved their head under the caption “I was going to do it anyway!” and donated 50% of the proceeds to us here at Space Youth Project and the other 50% to Just Like Us - a national charity which focuses on making LGBT+ lives easier at school and in the workplace.

Aster says:

“I shaved my hair because I felt it would be an affirming experience...and it was!

A lot of people have told me they want to shave their heads but they’re too scared, I would say do it, even if it’s only once!”


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