LGBT+ News Roundup 8!

We’re back! After a few hectic weeks at the Space office we are returning to our regularly scheduled programming with a Weekly News Roundup!

This week we will cover all major LGBT+ news since September 24th (our last roundup!)

Protests in North America

British Airways’ Swap to Gender Neutral Language NHS Carries Out Trial Screenings for Essential Trans Medical Care

Celebs Call for More Funding Against HIV in the UK

Jubilee Line Stops Renamed For Black History Month

UK Conversion Therapy Ban To Go Ahead in 2022?

Protests in the USA

We’re starting off our roundup across the pond in Northern America & Canada where numerous protests have taken place calling for LGBT+ rights.

Several states in the United States have banned or are in the process of banning trans healthcare for under 18s, despite the ruling of the Tavistock vs Bell case in the UK. An anti-puberty blockers protester began to campaign outside of a high-school in Ottawa in Canada, however the city came together and over 200 people gathered to chant “trans kids matter”. The immediate crowd was mostly made up of allies, but the local LGBT+ group, Rainbow Carleton, has also organised a counter-protest.

Nearby in Vermont, Burlington High School’s volleyball team were subject to racist and transphobic abuse from their rival team. In response to this, students and staff organised an incredible ‘drag ball’ during the halftime of their homecoming football game. 30 people took part in the performance, while the crowd was packed with people in rainbow colours and pride flags cheering them on.