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LGBT+ News Roundup 8!

We’re back! After a few hectic weeks at the Space office we are returning to our regularly scheduled programming with a Weekly News Roundup!

This week we will cover all major LGBT+ news since September 24th (our last roundup!)

Protests in North America

British Airways’ Swap to Gender Neutral Language NHS Carries Out Trial Screenings for Essential Trans Medical Care

Celebs Call for More Funding Against HIV in the UK

Jubilee Line Stops Renamed For Black History Month

UK Conversion Therapy Ban To Go Ahead in 2022?

Protests in the USA

We’re starting off our roundup across the pond in Northern America & Canada where numerous protests have taken place calling for LGBT+ rights.

Several states in the United States have banned or are in the process of banning trans healthcare for under 18s, despite the ruling of the Tavistock vs Bell case in the UK. An anti-puberty blockers protester began to campaign outside of a high-school in Ottawa in Canada, however the city came together and over 200 people gathered to chant “trans kids matter”. The immediate crowd was mostly made up of allies, but the local LGBT+ group, Rainbow Carleton, has also organised a counter-protest.

Nearby in Vermont, Burlington High School’s volleyball team were subject to racist and transphobic abuse from their rival team. In response to this, students and staff organised an incredible ‘drag ball’ during the halftime of their homecoming football game. 30 people took part in the performance, while the crowd was packed with people in rainbow colours and pride flags cheering them on.

Finally, in Los Angeles, Netflix staff banded together to protest against the transphobic David Chapelle show which was uploaded to the platform on October 5th. The comedy special features Chapelle saying that “"gender is a fact" and LGBT people are "too sensitive" and he responded to criticism by saying "If this is what being cancelled is about, I love it."

Over 100 people gathered outside Netflix HQ, including celebrities, activists and Netflix staff who had walked out of their offices. Jameela Jamil, Jonathan Van Ness, Elliot Page, and Lilly Wachowski were among the high profile faces who supported the campaign on social media. The demonstrators asked Netflix to channel more money into trans and non binary creators and to take measures against hate speech.

British Airways use Gender Neutral Language

British Airways is the latest airline to remove the gendered greeting “ladies and gentlemen” from its vocabulary.

Their statement said that the change will “reflect the diversity” of their passengers. In their announcements, pilots will no longer use “ladies and gentlemen” but rather, “travellers”, “passengers” or “guests”.

British Airways will be joining many other airline companies who have already made the switch to gender inclusive language, including EasyJet, Japan Airlines, Delta, JetBlue, and American Airlines.

NHS Carries Out Trial Screenings for Essential Trans Medical Care

The UK’s cervical screening programme for trans men and nonbinary people has been such a huge success that it may become the world wide model.

Weekly cervical screening clinics were offered, staffed only by healthcare professionals with experience in treating trans and non-binary patients. 100% of the patients said they were happy with the service they received and 60% said they would not have received the treatment otherwise.

This means we are one step closer to closing the gap for trans people to access the essential healthcare they require without risk of misgendering, deadnaming or elevated levels of dysphoria.

Celebs Call for More Funding Against HIV in the UK

On October 19th, Prime Minister Boris Johnson disappointingly confused HIV and AIDs when discussing the advancements made in modern medicine. Matthew Hodson, executive director of Aidsmap, said that “It is disappointing that the prime minister cannot distinguish between HIV and AIDS” because “Ignorance leads to fear and stigma, which creates barriers to HIV testing and treatment and helps to perpetuate this disease.”

This occurred just a week after It’s a Sin’s Olly Alexander joined forces with the rest of his cast and the one and only Elton John to create a powerful new film calling for the government to take further action against HIV.

The government has promised to end new transmissions of HIV in the UK before 2030, however 1,000 days after making this promise, they are still to take any action. The campaign urges the government to increase funding for HIV testing & prevention, support those living with the virus, and establish a national prevention programme.

You can join the campaign by writing to the Chancellor and Health Secretary here:

Jubilee Line Stops Renamed For Black History Month

This month, Transport for London collaborated with the Black Cultural Archives to launch the first Black History Tube map, which renames every tube stop to honour Black British figures from throughout history.

Each line of the tube has a different theme for example athletes, performers and scientists. The Jubilee Line is dedicated to LGBT+ icons.

The twenty six Black LGBT+ groups, pioneers and icons who have been honoured by a stop on the Jubilee line are:

  • Claude McKay (Author)

  • FannyAnn Eddy (LGBT+ Activist)

  • Exist Loudly (Black LGBT+ Youth)

  • UK Black Pride

  • Joseph St Clair (Dentist)

  • Zami 1985

  • Shim Sham Club (Jazz Club)

  • Carmel Stuart

  • Cecil Belfield Clark (Doctor)

  • Ivor Cummings (Colonial Official)

  • Princess Tshai (Nurse)

  • Leslie Hutchinson (Singer)

  • Black Trans Alliance

  • Thin Black Lines (Art)

  • James Berry (Poet)

  • Francis Barber (Draper)

  • Richie Riley (Basketball Coach)

  • Black Out UK

  • Michael Akintano

  • Barbara Buford (Scientist)

  • Justin Fashanu (Footballer)

  • Harold Jackman (Model)

  • Reginald Forsythe (Composer)

  • Jimmie Daniels (Performer)

  • Edna Thomas (Actress)

  • Pearl Alcock (Artist)

UK Conversion Therapy Ban To Go Ahead in 2022?

Nick Herbert, the Prime Minister’s LGBT+ envoy has put forward a potential time for the banning of Conversion Therapy in the UK.

In a retweet of a legal report on October 1st he made reference to the Queen’s speech at the State Opening of Parliament in May 2021 in which she promised that a conversion therapy ban would be brought forward. Herbert’s tweet said:

“I welcome this - a useful and constructive report, and timely as the Govt’s consultation will be published shortly on *how* (not whether) conversion therapy should be outlawed.I know the Government remains committed - as set out in the Queen’s speech - to bringing forward legislation next Spring to ensure that the abhorrent practice of conversion therapy will be banned”

We will be keeping our eyes peeled for further updates!


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