Meet the Team


07973 405280

      Helen is tireless in her pursuit of equality 
and the driving force behind Space. 
She sources our funding, manages our 
resources and inspires us.
Project Manager

07584 096444

Sarah covers all groups as part of her role 
and is our key trainer in our Anti-HBT schools 
workShe brings experience from myriad 
youth work settings and dynamics.

Youth Worker in Charge

07754 831573

Rachel is our Youth Worker in Charge for 
Bournemouth, T-Group, Sherborne and rural 
Dorset. Working with the LGBT+ community 
is something very close to her heart.

Youth Worker in Charge

07932 439000

Jane is our Youth Worker in Charge for 
Dorchester and Weymouth. She believes 
young people should have a safe place 
where they can explore their identity.

Assistant Youth Worker

David is an Assistant Youth Worker 
for Weymouth and volunteers at 
Bournemouth, Poole, and T-Group. He is 
committed to ensuring young LGBT+ people 
have a better future.
Assistant Youth Worker

Marie is an Assistant Youth Worker for 
Dorchester group, alongside Jane.

Business Admin Apprentice

   Eli is Space's first ever Apprentice. He has 
personally benefited from Space's 
service and it inspired him to continue 
working with the LGBT+ community.

Michelle is Space's own tech expert! 
As well as doing youth work 
wherever needed. 

One to One Volunteer

Charity attends the majority of our groups to 
help our young people reach their goals.
She joined us in 2004 in order to use
her knowledge and experience 
to help others.
Education Volunteer

Mel is our Education Volunteer, joined us as 
part of our Anti-HBT schools work. She is a 
fully qualified teacher who delivers workshops 
to teachers on including LGBT+ discussions.

Training Counsellor Volunteer

Deborah is working with Space as part of a 
placement. She training to be a
counsellor and is offering Space young
people free counselling.
Session Volunteer

      Charlie is doing her Duke of Edinburgh's 
Award with Space and runs the craft
table at Poole group.

Volunteer Youth Work Assistant

Chris helps out at Bournemouth group and   
likes to volunteer with Space because 
it's something he didn't have growing 
up. He wants give something to the 
next generation. 
Volunteer Youth Work Assistant

Ciara helps out at Sherborne group and 

she additionally works for MindLine Trans. 
Ciara joined Space after seeing us at Bourne
Free 2018.

Volunteer Youth Work Assistant

Dylan helps out at Poole group and he was
originally a member of Space himself
Social Media Volunteer

Elenia has joined Space as part of a

placement for her degree. She will be 
working with the young people on improving 
Space's social media presence.

Volunteer Youth Work Assistant

Hannah is a volunteer for Weymouth but 
she started out as a Space member. 
She prides herself on her listening skills and 
non-judgemental attitude.
Volunteer Youth Work Assistant

      Kirsty is a volunteer at Dorchester group. 

Volunteer Youth Work Assistant

Lisa is a volunteer at Sherborne group and   
originally visited our groups with
the NHS for her job. She decided 
to stick around!
Volunteer Youth Work Assistant

Liz is a volunteer at Poole group. She wanted
to work with young people as she finds
it extremely rewarding and has a lot of
personal experience she brings 
to the group.

Volunteer Youth Work Assistant

Paul is a volunteer at Bournemouth group    
and is training to be a 
Youth Worker with Space.

Volunteer Youth Work Assistant

Stuart volunteers at Weymouth group and     
has always wanted to be involved in 
working with young people. He has long
been involved with campaigning for
LGBT+ rights

Admin Volunteer

Elena volunteers in the Space office as well 
as being a current a Space member. 
She enjoys the work she does with 
Space and wants to help us make 
a difference.
Financial Support Volunteer

Gary volunteers to help with Space's finances.
He brings decades of experiences to the 
Space team. 

Volunteer Admin Support

Kirsty volunteers in the Space office and has 
been with us since 2008. 
She volunteers with Space because it's 
open-minded, inclusive, and accessible.
Admin Volunteer

     Max is a volunteer in the Space office. He 
started off as a Space member before 
becoming a volunteer.

Admin Volunteer

Reno started with Space as a young person
and now wishes to support others. He 
believes that everyone who needs help, 
no matter what, should have access.

Iggy is a pseudonym account used by
admin volunteers on social media. They are
also a teddy bear that Sarah made for
Poole group