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Health Services

An organisation which offers sexual health screening along with support with many other aspects of sexual and mental health for LGBT+ people

A national independent champion for consumers and users of health and social care in England

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services offers assessment and treatment for young people aged up to 18, who are suffering significant mental difficulties

Information, including advice and guidance, for young trans people and their families

Information on gender dysphoria from a medical standpoint, including help with diagnosis

An organisation that provides young people with safe sexual health information

General Information

Young people from a youth group talk about their experiences of growing up LGBT+, schools, friends and mental health

LGBT+ Bullying
Advice and tips on dealing with LGBT+ bullying and language in schools

Free online training and resources for those working, living with trans people and how best to support them

LGBT+ Hate Crime Resources
Hate crime resources from LGBT+ Consortium as part of the Anti-Homophobic, Biphobic and Transphobic Project across the country

Support and Services
They work to improve the mental health and well being of LGBT+ communities and to make mental health a community concern

Helps provide help against discrimination for LGBT+ people, help to develop LGBT+ communities and provide training
Helps support gender variant children, young people, and their families and work to raise awareness about gender variance among professionals and the public

Focuses on the development and support of LGBT+ groups, organisations and project so they can deliver direct services and campaign for individual rights

An easy to use directory of counsellors and psychotherapists to ensure the very best service is available for those looking for help
A confidential support hotline to offer support for trans people, their family and friends.

An action research project working to improve the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBT+) young people across England

Off the Record
Provides a range of FREE, CONFIDENTIAL and INDEPENDENT services for children and young people that support the development of their emotional health and well-being

Young Minds
Amplified is an NHS England funded programme working to develop the participation of children, young people and their families at every level of the mental health system

Ricochet is a support group for the families and friends of lesbian, gay, and bisexual people

A service which supports and works solely with boys and young men who have experienced, are experiencing or are at risk of experiencing child sexual exploitation (CSE)

The CCLC’s Child Protection Project (CPP) aims to provide FREE information and legal advice to frontline practitioners on their legal obligations towards children in terms of child protection and safeguarding