About Us

Space Youth Project has been around since 2001, starting with one group based in Bournemouth. Over the years, Space has evolved. Space is built up of seven groups, a number of services, our lovely team, and of course, our members!


We support Dorset's young people who are or may be Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or anything in between.

We work to empower all young people to have high self-esteem and confidence, to give young people the support and tools to grow and stand tall, to give them a sense that they are part of a community and never alone, freedom of expression, and opportunity for socialisation.

We overcome and help with integration, address issues caused or intensified by prejudice, and give full access to support and public services.


We love each and every one of our supporters, whether if it's giving time, money, or talking to us... we LOVE you! See them here.


We'll say no more... you must click here to find out!


We have policies and procedures in place to ensure our young people are protected and we run as we should do. To view our policies and procedures, click here.



Helen is our CEO. Helen is tireless in her pursuit of equality and the driving force behind Space. Helen sources our funding, manages our resources and inspires us. Her dream is to retire because the world is free of biphobia, homophobia, and transphobia. Helen's favourite thing is sailing, but likes anything to do with nature. Helen's favourite cake is potato cake with proper butter.



Sarah is our Project Manager, Administrator, and Youth Worker and combined into one super awesome human being. She is the Youth Worker in Charge for Poole Group as well as covering all the other groups when needed. Sarah brings experience from myriad youth work settings and dynamics. Sarah's hopes for there to be ultimately no need for LGBT+ safe havens because society will become accepting for all. Sarah enjoys baking, travelling, sewing, and Radio 4. Her favourite cake is Dorset apple cake.



Rachel is a Youth & Education Worker for Space. She is leader-in-charge of Bournemouth, T-Group, and Sherborne, and rural Dorset. Working within the LGBT+ community is something very close to her heart. Straight forward and honest, Rachel is a champion for our young people. Reading and being in the sun with her friends are her favourite past times and her favourite cakes are lemon drizzle or brownies.



Jane is our Youth Worker in Charge for Dorchester and Weymouth groups. Jane passionately believes young people should have a place to be themselves, have fun and explore their identity in a safe space. Jane runs a book club, loves swimming, dog walking, crafts and sewing/knitting. Jane brings friendliness, honesty, and experience to the group. Her favourite cake is Victoria sponge.


David is an Assistant Youth Worker for Weymouth group. He also helps out at Dorchester, Bournemouth, and Poole. A self-confessed Disney and Sci-Fi nerd, his easy going and open approach to everyone is what makes David one of our key workers. His favourite cake is chocolate.

Jay is a Volunteer Youth Work Assistant for T-Group. He joined to put back into his community, he brings both first-hand experience and work experience to the group. An avid fan of Formula 1, Poole, and the countryside. His favourite is Victoria sandwich cake.

Chris is a Volunteer Youth Work Assistant for Bournemouth group. Chris wants to help SPACE because it was missing when he was growing up and wants to give something to the next generation. Chris brings his dry wit, fabulous-ness, cinema love, and Mario Kart skills. He hopes Space will continue doing excellent youth work and his favourite cake is red velvet!

Glen is one of our Events Volunteers. He joined Space in 2010 and has been involved in Youth Work since 1994. For the future Glen hopes Space will grow, prosper, and carry on to a brighter future for young people. His favourite cake is carrot and walnut cake.

Eli is our first ever Business Admin Apprentice having started in June 2017. Personally benefitting from SPACE as a young member he has been inspired to pass on his knowledge and experience. Eli helps with our school works, education and the complex tasks of running a youth charity. He enjoys crafts such as embroidery and painting. His favourite cake is Victoria sponge.

Michelle is a Youth Worker and Administrator for Space Youth Project. Michelle does youth work where she is needed, so might be found at any Space group or doing outreach work. Not only a data head, she loves motorbikes and will happily talk about them all day to anyone who cares to listen. Her favourite cakes have real cream in them, such as chocolate ├ęclairs. 

Marie is an Assistant Youth Worker for Dorchester group. 


Mel is our Education Volunteer, she joined us as part of our Anti-Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia work within schools. A fully-qualified teacher, Mel is able to deliver workshops and lesson plans to teachers that encourage them to include LGBT+ discussions in the classroom. You can contact her at education@spaceyouthproject.co.uk.

Charity is a One-to-One Volunteer and attends majority of the groups helping young members. She has learned a lot throughout her life, and joined Space in 2014 in order to use her experience and knowledge to help others. She enjoys walking, cooking, music and singing. She likes carrot cake.

Hannah is a volunteer youth work assistant who started as a young member. Hannah prides herself on active listening skills and non-judgemental attitude.
Their favourite cake is chocolate fudge.

Stuart is a volunteer youth work assistant. He joined space in April 2018, but says he started youth work 'at a young age'. He has long been involved as a campaigner, including working on the London Lesbian and Gay Policing Initiative along with Scotland Yard, and is trustee of the Pink Triangle Trust. In the future he would like Space to be able to help all those who need it. He likes music, especially classical, botany, and bird-spotting. His favourite cake is baked cheesecake.

Paul is a Volunteer Youth Work Assistant for Bournemouth group.

Liz is a Volunteer Youth Work Assistant for Poole group.

Lisa is a Volunteer Youth Work Assistant for Sherborne group.

Holly is a Volunteer Youth Work Assistant for T-Group and Poole group.

Kirsty is a Volunteer Youth Work Assistant for Dorchester group.

Reno believes that everyone who needs help, no matter what, should have access. He joined Space as a young person and now wishes to support others. Reno understands the needs of those seeking help, having been one himself. An eclectic member of our team he is a gamer, explorer, and something of an arachnologist. His favourite cake is lemon drizzle.

Max is an Admin Volunteer and Supernova. He brings to Space his attention to detail, excellent literacy skills, and infinite goat knowledge. Max enjoys video games, cute animals, and general nerdy stuff. His favourite cake is chocolate fudge.

Kirsty is Volunteer Admin Support and joined Space because it is open-minded, inclusive, and accessible. She has helped out since 2008, bringing happiness and random information to the team! She hopes Space will just get better and better and better. Kirsty likes arts and crafts and watching films. She likes all cakes!

Elena is an Admin Volunteer in the office and is also a current member of Space Youth Project.

Gary is our financial support volunteer. He enjoys stamp, coin, and trading card collecting, Doctor Who, and collecting china and porcelain. He brings decades of experience to the Space team. He says that if he could talk with anyone in the world, alive or dead, it would be Alan Turing.

Space Youth Project Board 2016, better known as 'The Magnificent Seven'

Our board of trustees are the people who govern the legal responsibilities of Space and support and advise our policies. They come from diverse backgrounds and are key in securing funding and getting the word out there that SPACE exists. See their full profiles here