About Us

Space Youth Project has been around since 2001, starting with one group based in Bournemouth. Over the years, Space has evolved. Space is built up of seven groups, a number of services, our lovely team and of course our members!

Our Mission
We support Dorset’s youth who are or may be Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or anything in between.

To empower all young people to have positive self-esteem and confidence, to give realisation they are supported, to give them a sense that they are part of a community and never alone, the freedom of expression and opportunity for association.

We overcome and help with integration, address issues caused or intensified by prejudice and give full access to support and public services.

Our Supporters and Partners
We love each and everyone of our supporters, whether if its giving time, money or talking to us... we LOVE you! See them here.

What do the young people say about us? 
Well say no more... you must click here to find out!

Polices and Procedures
We have policies and procedures in place to ensure our young people are protected and we run as we should do. To view our policies and procedures, click here.

Meet the team (say hello! oh and we love cake, in case you didn't get the message)

Helen is officially the Chief Executive Officer, but only uses that title if she thinks the person she is talking to needs to know. Her other title is Project Manager - which means she don't loaf about much, she does spend a lot of time talking to people about Space either face to face or on the phone. Helen sources our funding and make sure it’s spent properly and effectively, she get hundreds of emails - they're important but she would love to have none in her inbox just for a day. She also help the board of trustees make sure we do things properly and legally. Helen joined Space in May 2003 as the development worker which include engaging with LGBT+ young people and getting groups up and running and thinks she did her first bit of offical youth work in 1991 - it was a long long time ago. Sadly she doesn’t get involved in the groups much now but when she does she brings an activity of some sort, an ability to get young people to talk honestly - she don't take much nonsense and its quite hard to pull the wool over her eyes but she does love our young people, care a lot and will help them as much as poss. Her dream is to retire because the world is free of biphobia, homophobia and transphobia. Helen’s fave thing is sailing but likes anything to do with outdoors and the sea or rivers, she loves food and socialising and dancing and yoga and ironing – JOKE! Helen's favourite cake is Potato Cake with proper butter!

Sarah is Project Coordinator, Administrator, Youth Worker, Secretary and Head Baker! She is Youth Worker in Charge for Poole group and Supernovas and covers all other groups as needed. She joined Space in April 2011 and started working with young people in 1987 running a youth arts project. Sarah joined Space because their work is essential and it gives her the opportunity to work with an amazing group of young people. She finds it rewarding because of the opportunity to build positive relationships with young people. Sarah brings a sense of humour, female presence to Poole group and experience form myriad youth work settings and dynamics. Sarah’s hopes for Space are for long-term financial stability but ultimately there to be no need for LGBT+ safe havens because society will have changed for the better, such that there is no discrimination against LGBT+ people. Sarah enjoys baking, traveling, sewing and Radio 4! Her favourite cake is Dorset Apple Cake.

Rachel is a Youth & Education Worker for Space. She is leader-in-charge of Bournemouth, T-Group and Sherborne and also works to help develop Space in rural Dorset. She joined in October 2015 when the perfect opportunity presented itself with a random meeting on the beach. Having worked in schools for 5 years she was dying to get back into a proper youth work role and working within the LGBT+ community is very close to her heart. Rachel adores the inimitable Space team she works with and counts herself very lucky indeed! She has quite the mischievous streak and loves the strange and unusual in absolutely everything. Reading and being in the sun with friends are her favourite past times and her favourite cake is Lemon Drizzle or Brownies.

Jane is Youth Worker in Charge for Dorchester Group.

David is a Volunteer Youth Work Assistant and Admin Volunteer. He helps out at Bournemouth, Dorchester and Poole. David joined Space in December 2013 because he was looking for a way to help people and stated youth work in January 2014. He brings happiness, laughter to the groups and as a younger youth worker makes it easier for some young people to talk to. He would like more funding in the future for Space. David enjoys reading and gaming. His favourite cake is Chocolate cake!

Jay is a Volunteer Youth Work Assistant for T-Group. He joined space in March 2014 with 4 years’ experience of youth work because he wanted to put back into his community. He brings first-hand experience to the group along with the ability to eat cake! He hopes for more sponsorship for activities and for Space to have its own space. Jay likes FI, Pool and the countryside, his favourite cake is Victoria Sandwich!

Tracey is Volunteer Youth Work Assistant for Bournemouth and Poole Groups, she joined Space in May 2014 because it’s a worthy charity that needs more recognition. A family member had lots of issues growing up and Space would have been invaluable to him. This is Tracey’s first youth work role and she brings female support, approachability and openness. In the future she hopes Space gets more funding for bigger groups more activities and global recognition. Tracey enjoys Dancing badly, horror movies and scary films, fairground rides, reading and swimming. Her favourite cake is Walnut Cake with many nuts and lots of lovely icing!

Chris is a Volunteer Youth Work Assistant for Bournemouth and Poole groups
and he does this because it was missing when he was growing up and he wants
to give something to the next generation. He joined Space in June 2015 bringing his sense of humour with him. Chris likes being fabulous, cinema and Mario Cart. He hopes Space will continue doing excellent youth work and his favourite cake is Red Velvet!


DJ is a Volunteer Youth Work Assistant for Bournemouth group

Irene is a Volunteer Youth Support Worker and wants to volunteer with young people and help make a difference due to the difficulties they experienced. She joined Space in June 2015 and this was her first experience of Youth Work. She enjoys sports; running and volleyball also going out and socialising. Irene brings manpower and is close to the age of members and is easy to talk to. She hopes Space will not be needed in the future due to equality for LGBT+ people. Her favourite cake is Lemon Cheese Cake

Glen is one of our Events Volunteers. Space in 2010 and has been involved in Youth Work since 1994. For the future Glen hopes Space will grow, prosper and carry on to a brighter future for young people. His Favourite cake is Carrot and Walnut Cake!

Reno is Volunteer Admin Supervisor and joined Space because of the support he got from Space as a young person and the way that positively affected his life enabling him to support other young people. He joined Space in 2002 as a young person and became a volunteer in 2004. Reno brings his experience of being in a position of needing support so he can understand the needs of young people. In the future he hopes for a massive increase in funding so we can expand out already marvelous operations and possibly expand out of Dorset. Reno likes stuffing his face, spending too much time on computer games, collecting bruises at martial arts classes, getting lost forests and impressing people with his knowledge of spiders! His favourite cake is Lemon Drizzle.

Max is an Admin Volunteer, Supernova and T-Group member and has been with Space since November 2014. He joined us as he was looking for something to do and was interested and cared about Space. He brings to Space his attention to detail, excellent literacy skills and infinite goat knowledge! Max enjoys video games, cute animals and general nerdy stuff, his favourite cake is Chocolate Fudge Cake!

Kirsty is Volunteer Admin Support and joined Space because it is open minded, inclusive and accessible. She has helped out since 2008 bringing happiness and random information to the team! She hopes Space will just get better and better and better. Kirsty Likes arts and crafts and watching films and her favourite cake is all cakes!

Meet our board of Trustees

Space Youth Project Board 2016, better known as 'The Magnificent 7'

Harry is Chair of the Trustees which means he facilitates the running of meetings and is ultimately responsible, he’s part of a committee but gets the cool title. He joined in October 2002 (the beginning of Space Youth Project)because he wanted to give to the LGBT community but couldn’t do youth work as his day job involves working with young people. Harry brings American brashness and he homes some sort of ability to move things on and get things done. He hopes for secure funding and for Space to continue indefinitely because we have amazing young people, staff and volunteers. It would be insane to close because of money! Harry’s favourite cake is Devil’s Food Cake!

Gill is a Trustee, which includes overseeing the project, finances and fundraising and helping behind the scenes. She joined Space in December 2012 as she like to support young people in diverse communities. As a lesbian herself she didn’t find it so easy growing up so is happy to give back now. She hope she bring support, good ideas, training, enthusiasm and motivation. Gill hopes that Space will become more recognised and well know in the community and for growth and involvement. She enjoys photographing architecture, body boarding cycling and outdoor activities. Gill’s favourite cake is Key Lime Pie!

John is a Trustee and Health and Safety officer. He joined Space in April 2011 to see it is somewhere that’s safe where young people can talk and get support and be part of an LGBT+ community that stops hate crime and bullying. John is interested in young people and has knowledge of mental health and safety. John hopes Space can form loads of money, a building and a move away from political control. He enjoys walking music, bingo and his church. John’s favourite cakes are cupcakes!

Michael is a Trustee and joined Space in February 2014 to give something back as he got a lot of help when he first moved to Bournemouth. He brings rainbow face painting, talking to people and empathy in action to his role and hopes that the big issue of funding is taken away so Space can blossom across the UK! Michael enjoys antiques, quizzes and reads a lot. His favourite cake is Cheesecake!

Neil is a trustee and has been with Space since 2001. He set up Over the Rainbow and Space evolved from there, it was called Gay Freedom back then. He is glad to be involved with Space again, he helps with fundraising although he thinks its terrible that we have to spend so much time on it. Neil has seen Space grow into a healthy entity and bring an historical knowledge smiles and fun to the organisation. He hopes Space can grow without being financially crippled and that Helen is able to work with young people and not a laptop, also that we have more money for admin so people people can do youth work. Neil enjoys travelling reading and transportation, he doesn't have a sweet tooth but when pushed for an answer said his favorite cake would be a chocolate ├ęclair! 

Tom is a Trustee, he joined the board in April 2016. Although he'd been volunteering with us nearly 3 years before that! He brings a young person’s perspective, strong commitment, technical and media knowledge, networking skills. He hopes for a future when Space doesn't have to worry about funding and has its own premises and as he lives in London, expands to the capital! Tom likes Skydiving (he recently raised £650 doing this for Space!), traveling and visiting Nandos. His favorite cake is Chocolate Cheesecake (especially the one from Nandos!)

Peter is a trustee and joined in September 2014. He thinks Space is a very important organisation and although he has only recently become aware of us he has seen young people doing talks and being truly inspirations, also Sarah twisted his arm! Peter has a variety of experiences, has worked as a Trustee before and is enthusiastic. He hopes for secure funding, growth, more diverse experiences for young people and world domination! Peter enjoys archaeology, reading about pre-history and visiting ancient sites. His favourite cake is Coffee and Walnut!